Project Based Learning 有乜好?

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調查結果顯示,老師和家長都認為從Project Based Learning得到的學習成果比標準化的考試成績更有價值。當他們被問到認為最重要的學習成果時,頭三位分別是:

  1. “learning to think critically” (chosen by 64% of parents and teachers)
  2. “problem-solving skills” (chosen by 51% of teachers; not asked of parents)
  3. “developing students’ curiosity to learn beyond the classroom” (chosen by 36% of parents and 41% of teachers)

同樣重要的還有“how to collaborate with others,” “self-discipline,” “having learning experiences that are personally meaningful,” and “building self-confidence.”

而以上的學習成果,都可以透過Project Based Learning達到。



//Two other activities a majority of students would like to spend more time on to help them see how what they are learning relates to real-life problems outside the classroom are 1) working on projects that can be used in the real world, and 2) publishing or sharing projects with people outside their class or school.//


//Teachers are more likely to focus on creativity if they feel that school leaders and parents support their efforts.//